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At CA Lemon Law Attorneys you can speak with the Santa Barbara Lemon Law attorneys that really understand the complex issues surrounding the California Lemon Law. We can help you successfully resolve your case whether it requires simple negotiations or court room litigation. If you have purchased a defective vehicle, we can make sure you receive the appropriate compensation.

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The California Lemon Law can be applied to all warranted consumer goods, and we can help you no matter what your situation is. We can represent owners of defective automobiles, boats, motorcycles, and recreational vehicles (RVs). It takes a lot of knowledge and experience to ensure you get the right remuneration,  California Lemon Law Attorneys has been recognized as an authority on Lemon Law claims in California.

  • Free consultation with an experienced Lemon Law attorney.
  • Most cases accepted on a contingency fee basis.
  • CA Lemon LAw Attorneys have successfully resolved more than 4,000 Lemon Law cases.
  • More than 20 years of experience with CA Lemon Law cases.
  • Trial law experience and can support any litigation activities.

Since 1991 California Lemon Law Attorneys we have worked as Santa Barbara Lemon Law attorneys to represent clients that have recourse under the law for compensation after purchasing a defective vehicle.

How Does the California Lemon Law Apply to You?

The California Lemon Law (officially it is called the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, and it can be found in the California Civil Code sections 1790 et seq.) exists to protect people that purchased or leased a warranted motor vehicle. In other terms, if a vehicle is determined to be a “lemon,” the warrantor is required to repurchase it or replace it for the buyer.

Santa Barbara Lemon Law Lawyers for New and Used Car Dispute Cases

The Lemon Law can be applied to vehicles that are used for personal use or in a business where there are less than five vehicles in the fleet. Often, consumers believe that the law only applies to vehicles that are less than 18 months old and have not travelled more than 18,000 miles. The truth, however, is that this law applies to vehicles regardless of age and mileage. As long as the warranty covers the problem, then you may have recourse under the law.

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