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So Mr. Lemon Law Attorney, What Make of Car Should I Get?

Several times a year I am asked by my clients what make of vehicle I recommend. I really do not have a particular recommendation for these clients. However, as a California Lemon Lawattorney, I do have a record of the particular makes and model vehicles my firm has mostly dealt with. All manufacturers make lemons. But some manufacturers make proportionately more lemons than other manufactures do.

Aside from your California Lemon Law Attorney, there are several resources one may use to research the reliability of cars. For example, Consumer Reports reports yearly on the reliability of virtually every made and model vehicle. JD Power and Associates issues reliability ratings of several vehicle categories. In addition, one may conduct research on the web concerning general vehicle reliability.

But if all else fails and these resources do not give you enough information, you can always ask your attorney.

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