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Ford Motor Company’s 6.0 Liter Diesel Engine

As a California lemon law attorneys, we see many problems with many different types of vehicles. Every once in a while though, a particular manufacturer has a problem with a vehicle component that we see quite often. Ford Motor Company’s 6.0 liter diesel engine found in Ford F-Series trucks (Ford F-250; Ford F-350; Ford F-450; etc.) is one of those problematic components.  Problems with the engine include defective fuel injectors; defective turbos; check engine lights continuously on; lack of power; black and white exhaust smoke; hard starting; etc. One irony of the 6.0 liter diesel engine is that it is made to haul and tow heavy loads, yet seems to exhibit most of its problems when the engine is under load. One good thing about the 6.0 liter diesel engine is that it is covered by a 5 year, 100,000 mile warranty. The warranty does provide some peace of mind for Ford truck owners and it also provides an extended timeline in which to bring a California lemon law case if engine problems are ongoing.

Toyota Recall: Is My Car A Lemon?

Ever since news of the Toyota recalls received extensive media attention, we have been getting calls from concerned Toyota owners. Most of the owners want to know if the California Lemon Law covers their vehicle because of the recall.

Generally, to have a Lemon Law claim in California the buyer of a vehicle must experience a problem covered by the warranty  which has been subject to a reasonable number of repair attempts. Many of the inquiries we have received  have come from individuals who have not experienced a problem with their vehicle but fear a problem may occur in the future.

This fear is certainly well founded given the recent revelations which have been widely broadcast.  However, the California Lemon Law will not generally apply to a fear by itself without experiencing a problem and in most situations providing the manufacturer an opportunity for repair.

The good news is that the media coverage has caused more people to be concious of the repair history of their vehicle. People are beginning to take a closer look at the problems they have experienced, not just with Toyota vehicles but all makes and models. This repair history scrutiny is opening the eyes of many consumers as they realize that their “new” car problems   may fall within the provisions of the California Lemon Law.

If you suspect that your vehicle is part of the Toyota recalls you should check the National Transportation Safety Adminstration website for information. If you believe your vehicle may be a lemon you should consult with a qualified Lemon Law attorney in your State.