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We have all heard the saying that taking your car to the dealer for repair is like going to the doctor. Once you get there, the problem seems to go away. Or does it?

Just as we have seen an exponential development of computer technology in the past ten years, the use of electronic fault monitoring by auto manufacturers has become common place in today’s technologically advanced automobiles. Even with this increased use of electronic computer modules to help identify why a car may be experiencing a particular symptom, to the frustration of many consumers the dreaded “no problem found” diagnosis has not been eliminated.

What should a consumer do if they experience a problem with their car and the dealer tells them “we can not find anything wrong” ? The first step would be to ask to speak with the technician directly. Sometimes the translation of the problem from the customer to the service advisor and then to the technician gets garbled. By speaking with the technician directly the customer may better be able to explain the problem.

If speaking with the technician directly does not result in a diagnosis of the problem then a test drive with the technician may be in order. A test drive will allow the technician the opportunity to experience the problem first hand, assuming the problem is easily recreatable. If the problem is intermittent the customer may want to take a video or picture of the problem when it happens, if possible, and provide this to the technician.

Every auto manufacturer has technical specialists assigned to its dealerships to assist in repair of the “difficult” cases. If all else fails, the customer should ask to speak with the manufacturer’s technical representative. The manufacture’s representative may be aware of the customer’s particular problem from other vehicles that have experienced the same issue. And, the manufacturer’s representative may be able to spend more time on the diagnosis than the dealership technician.

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If you are told by a car dealer that there was “No Problem Found” with your vehicle, do not despair. Be persistent and take the steps detailed above to get your car fixed. Always remember to get documentation for every repair attempt, regardless of whether there was “No problem Found.” You never know when your vehicle may be a lemon and you will need to show you took all the steps possible to get your car repaired.

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